Application for Internships for Physics Majors at Fermilab

Application for Internships for Physics Majors - Fermilab

June 6 - August 12, 2016

Deadline: February 8, 2016, Midnight Chicago CST

For foreign students majoring in physics

The IPM program is for foreign students from U.S. and non-U.S. universities and colleges. Students must be able to come to Fermilab for the dates of the program.

Be sure to look at other internships for undergraduates to see if you qualify.

Before you fill out the application, please:

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Information about You
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Your Contact Information
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Your Educational Career
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4.0 5.0 Other
Please provide the following information about your current academic advisor. If you do not have one, enter your department head.
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Information on References
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When you apply, an automated message will be sent to the your references with instructions on how to submit a recommendation through the online system. It is your responsibility to verify that your references have received the email request and that they understand that they must submit their recommendation before the application deadline. If they have difficulty using the web form, they can email the letter of recommendation to
If international, include country code.
If international, include country code.
Your Other Activities

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Work Experience *

Please describe any job experiences that are relevant to this internship. Include the name of the organization for which you worked, your title (if any), a brief description of your duties, the dates you worked, and your supervisor's name and title.

Essay *

Why would you like a Fermilab internship and what special qualities would you bring to the position?
Answer in 500 words or less.

Areas of Preference

Click all that interest you.

Accelerator component testing Accelerator theory and design Astrophysics data analysis
Astrophysics detector development Astrophysics theory Computer networking
Computing for analysis Data analysis of experiments Detector design and testing
Electronics design and testing Mechanical design and development Particle physics phenomenology
Particle physics theory No preference
Information for Placement

The information you provide in the following section will be used for placing you in an assignment. It will not be used as a selection criterion.

In each of the following lists, respond with a number between 0 and 5: from 0 if you are unfamilar with this item all the way up to 5 if you consider yourself to be an expert.


Computer Languages

Fortran   HTML
C   Java
C++   Perl
IDL   LabView
MatLab   Mathematica
Maple   Python


Computer Systems

Windows Macintosh Linux/Unix


Technical Experience

Robotics   Oscilloscope
Vacuum Equipment   Logic Analyzer
Cryogenics   Circuit Layout/Design
Soldering   Circuit Debugging
2D or Solid Modeling   Finite Element Analysis  


Please enter a list of any other areas of expertise you have.

Statement of Agreement

Please read the following and indicate your agreement.

  • I will be 18 years of age or older at the time of the appointment.
  • I understand I need to confirm my references have received the email request for a recommendation and they understand it must be submitted before the application deadline.

  • I understand that if I am accepted, I will need to arrange for my official transcript to be sent to:

    Internship Administrator, Fermilab, MS226, Box 500, Batavia, IL 60510 or for Fedex: Fermilab Receiving, MS226, Wilson and Kirk Roads, Batavia, IL 60510, Phone (630) 840 3575

  • I understand that if I am selected and if I am a non-U.S. citizen attending a non-U.S. university,
    for visa purposes I will have to fill out an additional form and demonstrate English proficiency.
  • I certify that the above information is correct. Check the box to indicate agreement with all the statements.
I Agree.
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