Application for PARTI

Application for Fermilab Internship in
Physics of Accelerators and Related Technology
for International students (PARTI)

June 26 - September 1, 2017

Deadline: January 9, 2017, Midnight Chicago CST

Note: The PARTI program is for students who

University Course List With Grades: Before filling out this application, make sure that you have prepared a pdf file less than 2.5 Mbytes in size with a listing of your courses and the grades you received in each. You will be asked to upload this file after submitting this form. If you have trouble creating and uploading the course list, contact You can view a Sample University Course List with Grades.

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Areas of Preference

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Accelerator Theory Accelerator Measurements Accelerator Simulation
Accelerator Component Design and Testing Electronics Design and Testing Magnet Design and Testing
RF Component Design and Testing Superconducting Material Development Cryogenics
Information for Placement

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Computer Languages

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Vacuum Equipment   Accelerator Diagnostics
Cryogenics   Circuit Layout/Design


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Voluntary Affirmative Action Information

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  • I will be 18 years of age or older at the time of the appointment.
  • I understand I need to confirm my references have received the email request for a recommendation and they understand it must be submitted before the application deadline.
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