Talk and Tour: "Angela Gonzales"

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Registration for Talk and Tour: "A Lasting Mark-Artist Angela Gonzales at Fermilab 1967-1998"

For art and science enthusiasts. No age restriction.

Opportunity for the public to view an exhibit showcasing artist Angela Gonzales' career at Fermilab. Gonzales was one of the lab's first employees, assisting founding director Robert Wilson in developing an aesthetic vision for the lab. She left her skilled, distinctive and often humorous mark on everything from building designs to numerous posters for public events. The exhibit includes more than 100 pieces of her artwork. It will engross art and science enthusiasts alike.

Enter Fermilab through Pine Street entrance. Show driver's license to security guard. Park on right side of Wilson Hall (as you face the building). Check in at reception desk in atrium.

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For questions, contact Georgia Schwender.