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Science Adventure: Club Invention - Primary Students

Audience: Students , Grades 1 - 3 (In or Completed)
Description:For students completing grades 1-3. Students participate in all three activities.

Castles, Catapults, and Coats of Arms
This module weaves medieval history, basic scientific principles and hands-on creativity through the challenges presented every session. While assuming the roles of lords, knights, craftspeople and serfs, children work in cooperative groups to complete each task. The concept of center of gravity is explored when groups try to build the tallest tower. Children explore the concept of buoyancy by building boats that float while carrying weight to cross a castle moat. Groups build a weight-bearing drawbridge and design and build catapults that launch a ball at a target after experimenting with levers.

Phys. Ed: Physics in Motion
Children will focus on the work of famous scientists to create competitive and entertaining games. Children explore the work of physicists such as Galileo and use it as inspiration to build games that demonstrate the movement of objects. Children will use Newton's theories to demonstrate center of gravity. They will apply Bernoulli's theories of air pressure to create parachutes and utilize Gilbert's description of magnetism to create magnetic games.

Echo and Axon: A Prototyping Adventure
Inspired by the comics of real life inventor superheroes from the National Inventors Hall of Fame, children create solutions to STEM-based challenges including creating alternative energy power source prototypes, chasm-crossers and water filters, and apply mathematics to rescue Echo and Axon. Teams are challenged to prototype their own story using an inventor's tool chest to design devices for Echo and Axon, and their little camera-bot, Gidge! Finalyl, the experience ends with a celebration as participants find the inventors within themselves.

Please fill out and send in the Club Invention application. If you cannot access it or need help in registering for Club Invention, email or call 630-840-8259 for a Club Invention application. You must also fill out a Participant Information Form and bring it to class the first day.