Phriendly Physics Teacher Workshops

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Educator Workshop: Phriendly Physics Teacher Workshops

Description: Phriendly Physics is a physical science program including field trips to the Lederman Science Center for elementary students and a professional development program for teachers.

Attend a five-day workshop covering topics for K–5 physical science including force and motion, electricity and magnetism, light and heat. Gain a deeper understanding of the physics concepts and of new approaches in teaching and learning using the scientific method and scientific journaling. Learn through facilitated exploration of a series of simple open-ended experiments and through discussion and reflection with a master teacher and Fermilab scientists. You can schedule a field trip led by Fermilab docents.

Audience: Teachers
Grades: K - 5
Fee: $275/person
Graduate credit: 2 semester hours can be arranged.
PDHs: 30

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