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Catalog of Educator/Teacher Workshops by Date

Description: Fermilab educator workshops provide K–12 teachers with proven classroom activities and strategies for teaching challenging topics in an engaging way. All are taught by master teachers. Our mid-level workshops also prepare educators to teach Fermilab classroom units. A mid-level teacher who wishes to bring students to Fermilab for the field trip programs—Beauty and Charm, Particles and Prairies, Phriendly Physics, and The Prairie, Our Heartland (which replaced From Beneath the Ashes)—must take a workshop to qualify. Registration is required for all workshops. Scholarships for Fermilab workshops and field trip transportation are available from the Fermilab Friends for Science Education if it is difficult for the teacher's school to cover the expense. (Scholarships are not offered for Modeling workshops.)
Most workshops are held in the summer.
July, 2014
Particles and Prairies Teacher Workshop for Teachers
 Description: Three ecosystems in one workshop: prairie, savanna and stream. Look at abiotic and biotic aspects of these three systems. Learn biological principles and how to use standard ecologic measurement techiniques to teach students to assess and compare these different habitats. Background information and hands-on classroom activities will give the teacher confidence to use this unit in the classroom. Participants of this workshop are eligible to bring their students to Fermilab for a docent-led field trip. This is a great way to get motivated for a new school year.
 Time: 8:00 AM-3:00 PM (8:00 - 4:30 if taking for credit)
 Grades: 6-8
 Fee: $275
 Graduate credit: 3 semester hours can be arranged.
 ISBE recertification: 9 CEUs 30 CPDUs
Phriendly Physics Teacher Workshops for Teachers
 Description: The goal of the five-day Phriendly Physics workshop is to help K–5 teachers understand and feel comfortable with concepts of the physical sciences through faciliated exploration of a series of simple, open-ended experiments, and through discussion and reflection with a master elementary school teacher and Fermilab scientists. Through this process participants gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and new approaches in teaching and learning through the scientific method and scientific journaling. Participants will also receive equipment and supplies so that they can continue to explore these concepts with their students. Topics and themes for Phriendly Physics are based on the National Science Education Standards and the Illinois Learning Standards.
 Time: 8:00 AM-3:30 PM
 Grades: K-5
 Fee: $275
 Graduate credit: 2 semester hours can be arranged.
 ISBE recertification: 6 CEUs 30 CPDUs
QuarkNet Workshop: Bringing Fermilab to Your Classroom for Teachers
 Description: Immerse yourself in a three-day workshop for high school teachers of physics. Participants will work with scientists from Fermilab and the University of Chicago to look at the research projects done by our QuarkNet students, and transform those ideas into student learning at their schools. Active QuarkNet teachers meet annually to learn and share inquiry-based teaching methods that teach basic introductory physics concepts in a context of particle physics, something that students find exciting. Participants should expect to attend additional sessions throughout the school year.

Participants attending the summer workshop will receive a $300 stipend for full attendence.

Register early because space is limited.

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 Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
 Grades: 9-12
 ISBE recertification: 19.5 CPDUs
August, 2014
Modeling Chemistry for Teachers
 Description: Secondary-level chemistry teachers will participate in 60 hours of training in Chemistry: Modeling Instruction. The course will focus on the traditional topics of a first-semester general chemistry course (essentially ending with stoichiometry). The Modeling Method has been shown to be a highly effective extension of the traditional three-step learning cycle (observe, generalize, apply). The modeling cycle addresses the deficiencies of the learning cycle by assisting students to construct understanding from observations, by confronting student preconceptions, by examining student thought processes through the process of “whiteboarding” and Socratic dialoguing. Participants will receive both printed and electronically stored versions of the Modeling Handbook, as well as ancillary materials. Participants are not eligible for FFSE Scholarships.
 Time: 7:30 AM-2:00 PM
 Grades: 9-12
 Fee: $280
 Graduate credit: 4 semester hours can be arranged.
 ISBE recertification: 12 CEUs 60 CPDUs
TRC Give-Away for Administrators Media Specialists Teachers
 Description: Back by popular (and space) demands! Those of you who use the wealth of PreK-12 math, science and technology resources in the Fermilab TRC know how fast we grow and how quickly resources exceed our space. We keep on top by weeding materials such as educational software that is no longer available or old editions of curriculum. We know that creative, innovative educators may find a use for these materials. Come and see what's available before it's out the door. One day only. Due to the extent of materials available we are not able to detail all that is offered. Come and see. Event is free, but registration is required!
Register online using the Educator's calendar, not the Teacher Workshop Registration Form.
 Time: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
 Grades: K-12
 Fee: $0