Tour Descriptions

Linear Accelerator Gallery & Main Control Room Gallery

Tour leaves from Ramsey Auditorium Foyer

This tour begins where Fermilab's protons begin, at the Cockroft-Walton accelerator, and follows them through the first half of the Linear Accelerator (Linac). In the Linac gallery, a mockup of the Main Injector. The last stop on the tour will be outside the Main Control Room, where guests will see a display of different Fermilab magnets, a map of accelerators around the world, and see the room from which operators monitor and control more than 40,000 devices around the Fermilab site.


Muon g-2

Meet in One East, Wilson Hall for a brief talk and
then a docent will lead you to a bus to the MC-1 building

The muon, like its sibling electron, acts like a spinning magnet. Using a 50-foot-diameter superconducting muon storage ring, scientists will accelerate an intense beam of muons to determine the value of a property known as the g-2 of the muon. You might remember when the large storage ring made its journey by land and water from the Brookhaven Lab on Long Island to Fermilab in the summer of 2013. You can see where it was installed.

Neutrino Horn Production Site (Main Injector-8)

Meet in Curia II on the 2nd floor of Wilson Hall for a brief talk and
then a docent will lead you to a bus to the MI8 (Main Injector 8) building.

Tour the The Neutrino Horn Production Site where the neutrino horns are built and tested. Neutrino horns focus charged particles into a tight bunch before they decay into neutral, unmaneuverable neutrinos. The NuMI facility, an acronym for Neutrinos at the Main Injector, uses two focusing horns. It sends neutrino beams to various experiments, including MINOS, MINERvA, and NOvA.