Tour Descriptions

Linear Accelerator Gallery & Main Control Room Gallery

Tour leaves from Ramsey Auditorium Foyer

This tour begins where Fermilab's protons begin, at the Cockroft-Walton accelerator, and follows them through the first half of the Linear Accelerator (Linac). In the Linac gallery, a mockup of the Main Injector. The last stop on the tour will be outside the Main Control Room, where guests will see a display of different Fermilab magnets, a map of accelerators around the world, and see the room from which operators monitor and control more than 40,000 devices around the Fermilab site.


Driving Tour

Meet at the ground floor east entrance, Wilson Hall to board the bus for a driving tour of the Fermilab site.

Tour Fermilab's campus by bus! Learn about the lab's rich history of scientific discovery and its promising future. Tour highlights include experimental sites, bubble chamber, bison, and the village. Stops will be made along the tour, weather permitting. Please note that the driving tour is not handicap accessible.

(Photo credit: Matt Kapust)

Sanford Lab

Meet in Curia II on the 2nd floor of Wilson Hall for a virtual tour of Sanford Underground Research Facility.

Coming to you live from Sanford Lab in Lead, South Dakota! Take a virtual tour of the Majorana Experiment and find out from scientists what it is like to work underground!