Fermilab Summer Interns and Teachers 2013

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Photo Credit: Elliott McCrory
Diana Patricia Mendez
Year: 2013
Program: IPM
College: Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico, Mexico, Distrito Federal
Home: Xalapa, Mexico
Mentor: Julie Whitmore, Jake Anderson
Who I am: I'm majoring in Physics and looking to apply to a grad school which fits my interest in particle physics. I used to be more keen on the energy frontier experiments but for the last couple of months I've been more into the intensity frontier research. Although I wouldn't mind ending up being a theorist or an experimentalist, I'd rather be a phenomenological physicist. Besides science (physics and mathematics), I love arts and sports. I practiced taekwondo for 10 years and achieved 2nd Dan when I was 15. In order to stay fit I bike as much as I can as well as practice both samba and african dances. During my spare time I like finding new restaurants, going to art galleries and museums or reading japanese literature.
Research: By 2019, the LHC is expected to reach new, higher energies of around 14 TeV. Better measurement techniques will be needed in order to satisfy the corresponding increase in events. During my internship, I worked on two projects: I tested the performance of the QIE10 chip that will replace the old QIE8 and I worked with CMS software (CMSSW) to run muon simulations in order to analyze the HO subdetector behavior. Both projects are closely related because the signals in the HO will be read by the QIE10 chips.