Fermilab Summer Interns and Teachers 2017

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Photo Credit: Elliott McCrory
George Lewis
Year: 2017
Program: Helen Edwards
College: Durham University, Durham, England
Home: Kenilworth, United Kingdom
Mentor: Yulia Trenikhina
Who I am: I'm a 3rd year chemistry/physics undergraduate student with a broad interest in science. I really enjoy travelling to new places and exploring, especially trying new foods (white castle is my only regret). I also like to exercise outside and read when not in the lab!
Research: I have worked on the characterisation of materials used in superconducting radio frequency cavities. These cavities provide an extremely efficient way of accelerating particles, and recent breakthroughs in nitrogen doping at the surface promise even greater performance. My work utilises a new secondary ion mass spectrometer to analyse surface layer composition of these cavities under various conditions.
You can also read my research paper.