Fermilab Summer Interns and Teachers 2017

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Photo Credit: Elliott McCrory
Marlene Ortega
Year: 2017
Program: SIST
College: Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
Home: Santa Ana, California
Mentor: Daniel Bowring
Who I am: I am a rising senior, Astrophysics major, and first generation college student at Brown University. My research interests are in the intersection between astrophysics, particle physics, and cosmology, which have lead me to do research in both Supersymmetric and Axion Dark Matter. This summer, I am working with the Detector Research and Development team for ADMX at Fermilab. I look forward to developments in the field, doing research and learning more about in Dark Matter in grad school! In the process, I hope to be the first in my family to obtain a Bachelor's and a PhD. In addition to my academic interests, I am also passionate about science education and outreach, and activism in the scientific community. In my free time, I volunteer as an Astronomy teacher at a local middle school in Providence, I am a coordinator of the Physics Women in Science and Engineering and part of the Diversity Committees in the Physics and Mathematics departments at Brown University. I also enjoy science fiction literature and shows, video games, hiking and gardening.