Fermilab Summer Interns and Teachers 2017

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Photo Credit: Elliott McCrory
Robert Ridgway
Year: 2017
Program: SIST
College: University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Home: Naperville, Illinois
Mentor: Sam Posen
Who I am: I am an undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Illinois at Chicago. Prior to pursuing higher education, I worked as a manual machinist making parts for the oil industry and machined components for hydraulic repair. I also worked as a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine operator and programmer where I manufactured parts for oil, semiconductor, and medical industries. My machining experience is what led me to the pursuit in mechanical engineering and has become an indispensable foundation for a future engineer to have.
Research: Using a vapor diffusion process in an UHV (ultra high vacuum) oven, the goal is to evaporate tin molecules into the inner surface of an SRF cavity changing the chemical composition of this inner surface from Nb to Nb3Sn. Doing this will increase the operational temperature which can potentially save millions of dollars in cooling expenses. My contribution is simulating this process using COMSOL (physics simulation software) to predict what we can expect for different sets of parameters.