Fermilab Summer Interns and Teachers 2017

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Photo Credit: Elliott McCrory
Sundaram Thirukkurungudi
Year: 2017
Program: TRAC
School: Loudoun County Academy of Science, Sterling, Virginia
Home: Ashburn, VIRGINIA
Mentor: Sandor Feher
Who I am:

I facilitate and mentor learning of Integrated Science, Transformational Geometry, Multivariable Calculus, and Engineering Research at the Loudoun Academy of Science (A Math and Science Magnet program of Loudoun County Public Schools) in Virginia. I have been involved in assignments related to Educational and training development and delivery since 1984.

Questions that keeps me awake in the night:

  1. Am I making sure that I teach to prepare the youngsters of today to thrive in the future environment and not perpetuating the deprecated skills of the past?

  2. Am I making sure that the learning environment is student centered?

  3. Am I making sure that I upgrade my knowledge, skills, and understanding in the content areas I am facilitating learning?

  4. Have I facilitated learning such that they can ask all the important questions to find the pathway to a solution to the problem in hand without waiting for my help?

What I believe in:

The ability to provide a correct solution to a problem by a student is merely a collateral gain and not a good measure of a teacher's success. Providing the experience of discovering the solution is a teacher's primary goal and the pleasure felt by the students after a successful discovery is the outcome we strive for. This is why our students are our best teachers.


I work in a team which is mapping the magnetic field of the IB2 Calibration Magnet. This magnet will be used to calibrate the hall probes used to measure and map the magnetic field in the detector solenoid of the Mu2e experiment. The purpose of the Mu2e experiment is to detect neutrino less conversion of muons into electrons. If this is detected then it would support the flavor charge violation within charged leptons.

The specific purpose of the task we are performing in our team is to identify a stable and constant magnetic field region correct to 10 microTesla that is sufficiently large enough to calibrate the three axes Hall probes used in the detector Solenoid of the Mu2e experiment

I owe my thanks to Dr. Thomas Strauss and Dr. Sandor Feher for their guidance and my team members Samantha Lederman and Emmanuel Aldana for their support in this project. I also thank all the IB2 staff, especially Helen, for all their support during my internship at Fermi Lab. Dr. Harry Cheung has been an extremely good leader and resource for the teachers to explore new areas of understanding in particle physics and quantum computing. Harry also constantly urges us teachers to explore the ways in which we can take our learning at Fermi Lab back to our class rooms so that it can benefit the next generation of learners