Fermilab Summer Interns and Teachers 2017

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Photo Credit: Elliott McCrory
Celeste Keith
Year: 2017
Program: SULI
College: University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Home: Franklin, WI
Mentor: Jim Annis
Who I am: I study Math, Astronomy, and Physics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. During the summer of 2016, I studied compression waves generated by coronal mass ejections at the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. At UW Madison, I currently do research with SDSS-IV, specifically MaNGA, and am working with another professor on the simulation and creation of radio dishes for a telescope to be built in South Africa, called HIRAX. In my spare time, I love to run, read, play video games, and play tabletop games with friends.
Research: Primordial black holes, created in the moments following the Big Bang, are a candidate for dark matter in the universe. We look to detect them by using microlensing, which will allow us to see a background star's increase in brightness due to a black hole passing in front of it. We create mock microlensing light curves by varying parameters that go into creating the curves, and then save them for future use.