Fermilab Summer Interns and Teachers 2017

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Photo Credit: Elliott McCrory
Alessio Durante
Year: 2017
Program: Italians
College: Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
Home: Teramo (Abruzzo), Italy
Mentor: Grzegorz Deptuch
Who I am: Hi, I’m Alessio! I am an Electrical Engineering master student at Politecnico di Milano and I also belong to Alta Scuola Politecnica. I come from Teramo in Abruzzo but I have been living in Milan for four years. I am a very curious person who always wants to learn a lot. Even if I study engineering, I have always been interested in Physics. My experience at Fermilab was interesting, stimulating and challenging. I really tried to get the best from the new world I discovered.
Research: My work at Fermilab dealt with TCAD simulations of an innovative monolithic active pixel silicon sensor (FLORA) to be used for detecting X-rays in imaging experiments with the new LCLS-II laser owed by the SLAC National Laboratory (Stanford). I used a software called SILVACO which allows both fabrication process and device simulations. I first did simulations for understanding the basic principles of operation of charge generation, collection and transfer in the silicon, analyzing different solutions and possibilities. After that I concentrated my efforts to develop and simulate a final working version of the new FLORA pixel, in order to provide guidelines and hints for its future improvement and realization.

You can also read my research paper.