Fermilab Summer Interns and Teachers 2017

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Photo Credit: Elliott McCrory
Pietro Guardati
Year: 2017
Program: Italians
College: Univ. of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
Home: Pisa, Italy
Mentor: Luciano Elementi
Who I am: I am a Student of the University of Pisa: I have achieved my Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering and I am attending now the last year of my Master's Degree in Automation and Robotics. Before reaching the end of my Academic Career I decided to apply for Fermilab Summer School because it seemed to me a good opportunity to know people with my same interests and to turn in practice the huge amount of theory learned at my University.
Research: To calibrates the Hall Probes for mu2e experiment, a Calibration Magnet is needed. In this Magnet, there is a Uniform and Constant Region that needs to be identified: The Calibration Region. A LabVIEW Hardware Front-End and a MATLAB software have been designed to: 1. Implement a Line to Line Automatic DAQ System from an NMR Probe 2. Store, Analyse and Plot the Acquired Data 3. Identify the Calibration Region

You can also read my research paper.