Fermilab Summer Interns and Teachers 2017

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Photo Credit: Elliott McCrory
Monika Venckauskaite
Year: 2017
Program: Italians
College: Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania
Home: Vilnius, Lithuania
Mentor: Roxanne Guenette, Roberto Soleti and Corey Adams
Who I am: My name is Monika Venckauskaite. I graduated from Vilnius University and obtained my master of physics degree in 2016. During my time as a bachelor student in Vilnius University I studied Heavy Ion collisions. Later I studied Higgs boson decays to tau leptons and muons. That is how I got introduced to the elusive nature of neutrinos and learned about the hardships of physicists trying to detect them. In 2016 I got a chance to spend my summer doing a project looking for super-symmetric particles (stop) at CERN. In addition to searching for new physics I really enjoy having a chance to visit different countries, meeting new and old friends. My interests outside physics include drawing and painting, creating illustrations for poetry books of my fellow friends. I believe that neutrino physics is one of the fundamental physics areas that promises the most new findings in the upcoming years. That is the reason why I find this summer program very relevant. I am confident that this summer program will be the start of my further interest in neutrino experiments.
Research: The MicroBooNE Liquid Argon detector will study, among other things, electron neutrino interactions, featured by the presence of an electromagnetic shower. My project includes studying the signature of showers in the detector and quantifying the different variables that can be used for an efficient event selection for these interactions. In addition, the detector is located near the surface subjected to high cosmic-ray flux. While track-like events, caused by muons for example, can be handled and removed, isolated electromagnetic events induced by cosmic rays could enter the signal samples used to search for neutrino oscillations at short baseline. I am making use of the MicroBooNE cosmic-ray tagger system data to search for isolated electromagnetic events and understand their impact on the physics analysis.

You can also read my research paper.