Application for the Fermilab TRAC Program

Summer 2016 - 8 Week Period

Deadline: February 20, 2016

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We recommend you print out the application and prepare all
the input before you start entering your information, especially the essay.
You cannot save partial submissions and complete the submission later.
Your references will receive a request for them to add their letters to your
application when you submit it. Please be sure to allow them plenty of time.

Information about You
Select one or more races from the following five race groups.
White Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
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Your Contact Information
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Your Teaching Career

Please fill in the following information about the school where you are currently teaching.

Please list your teaching assignments this school year. List the course title, grade level and periods per day for all assignments with one assignment per line. *
(e.g., General Science   grade level 7   3 periods/day)

Rural Urban(inner city) Urban( not inner city) Suburban
Your Educational Background *

Please list the colleges/university where a formal degree was earned. Please list the university/ degree(s) earned, major, and date for all degrees earned. Use one line for each degree.
(e.g., University of Illinois   B.S.   Chemistry   1987)

Information on References
Enter contact information for the people who will write recommendations for you.
They will receive an email with the URL of a web form where they can enter the letter of recommendation. If they have difficulty using the web form, they can email the letter of recommendation to:
Essay *

What School or District goals do you expect to address as a result of your TRAC participation and how do you expect to make use of the TRAC experience to accomplish these goals?

Other Work Experiences and Skills for Placement

The information you provide in the following section will be used for placing you in an assignment. Experience in these specific computing, programming, software and hardware areas is not required. The information will assist the selection committee in placing you in a research setting.

In each of the following lists, select the level that most describes your experience.


Computer Languages

Fortran   HTML
C   Java
C++   Perl
IDL   LabView
MatLab   Mathematica
Maple   Python


Computer Systems

Windows Macintosh Linux/Unix


Technical Experience

Robotics   Oscilloscope
Vacuum Equipment   Logic Analyzer
Cryogenics   Circuit Layout/Design
Soldering   Circuit Debugging
2D or Solid Modeling   Finite Element Analysis  


Please list or describe areas of (non-teaching) expertise that you are particularly good or experienced at that may assist the selection committee in placing you in a research setting. (e.g. making Flash animations, advanced spreadsheet use with Visual Basic, making web pages, programming for Lego Mindstorms, etc.)

Describe any non-Fermilab work experiences and/or related experiences that you feel would assist the selection committee in placing you. For example, include special skills (drafting, welding, etc.) and training you feel would be applicable in a research setting.

Have you worked at Fermilab before? *

Yes No

If so, give program, dates and contacts.

Areas of Preference

Please specify you primary topic of interest (e.g., astrophysics, particle physics, accelerators, computer science, electronics) and the kind of work you would like to do (e.g., data analysis, computer-aided design, hardware design and testing, software development, learning about theory, developing educational materials). Please list or describe your interests in more detail. *

Your Availability and Course Credit
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Statement of Agreement *

Please read the following and indicate your agreement.

I certify that the information contained herein is true, complete and correct, and that I plan to return to the classroom as a teacher for the year following my appointment.

I Agree.
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