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Field Trip Request Form

Field trips for 1st–8th grade students are available to educators who have attended the corresponding teacher workshops.
If you have not taken the required workshop, please learn about our teacher workshop opportunities that enable you to bring your students to Fermilab. Please request Energy and Ecosystems if you took the Particles and Prairies workshop.

  • Groups must provide at least one adult chaperone (instructor or responsible adult) for every 10 students (one per seven students for Insects at Work in Our World). We recommend that groups bring extra chaperones to ensure that the minimum number make the trip. Tours are not permitted for groups that arrive without the minimum number of required chaperones. Please see the table to the right. (Numbers in green are for Insects at Work in our World.)
  • There is no cost for student field trips.
  • Please schedule field trips at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • Minimum 10 students on a field trip.
Students Required number
of chaperones
10 1 (2)
11–20 (10–14) 2
21–30 (15–21) 3
31–40 (22–28) 4
41–50 (29–35) 5
51–60 (36–42) 6
etc. Groups are welcome to bring more
than the required number of chaperones.
Fill in the form and click Submit Field Trip Request. We will consider your request and contact you to confirm the details.

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Field Trip Information
Teachers who took the Particles and Prairies workshop should request Energy and Ecosystems
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Additional Information/Questions
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