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How it's named and classified:

Common Name:    Plant Family:


 Scientific Name:    Plant Type:


How it looks:

 Flower Color:
none white creamy white tan yellow
deep yellow pale yellow green greenish-white pale blue
blue orange orange-red red reddish-brown
pink pinkish-purple pinkish-white rose-purple purple
deep purple lavender-purple violet green & purple stripes mixed

 Blooming Months:
January February March April
May June July August
September October November December

Where, when and how often it grows and if it's native to Fermilab:

 Typical Habitat:  Growth Pattern:
 Other Habitats:
alkaline fens disturbed ground floodplain woodland dry prairie
low prairie mesic prairie mesic woodland prairie marsh
savanna stream-side woodland edge aquatic

 How Common:  Native to Fermilab:
    Both Yes No

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